Units in which Arkansas Soldiers Served in World War I

A total of 71,862 Arkansans served during World War I. Of these 2,183 died while in service and 1,751 were wounded or injured. The list below names some of the units in which Arkansas soldiers served.

153rd Infantry Regiment

154th Infantry Regiment

142nd Field Artillery Regiment

141st Machine Gun Battalion

114th Engineers Regiment

114th Ammunition Train

114th Sanitary Train

148th Aero Squadron

22nd Construction Company, Aviation Section

50th Aero Squadron

Lafayette Escadrille

Co. 3, U.S. Guards Battalion

85th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps                      

113th Infantry Regiment

356th Infantry Regiment

361st Infantry Regiment

6th Regiment, U.S. Marines            

16th Infantry Regiment

512th Engineers Service Battalion

803rd Stevedore Battalion 

162nd Depot Brigade

614th Pioneer Infantry

Animal Depot No. 304

317th Field Artillery

343rd Labor Battalion

64th Coast Artillery Corps

105th Engineers

526th Engineers

334th Engineers

18th Infantry Regiment

Headquarters Company, 3rd Army Corps

4th Motor Truck Company, Arkansas Ammunition Train, 39th Division, U.S. National Guard

19th Balloon Company

10th Engineers (Forestry)

20th Engineers (Forestry)

533rd Forestry Service Battalion

312th Engineers

347th Infantry

154th Infantry

302nd Sanitary Train

12th Engineers

127th Infantry Regiment, 32nd Infantry Division

13th Engineers Railway Regiment

307th Labor Battalion

303rd Infantry Regiment

22nd Company, Australian Machine Gun Corps

36 Training Squadron Royal Air Force

29th Canadian Infantry Regiment

54th Canadian Infantry Regiment

16th Canadian Infantry Regiment

Royal Canadian Infantry Regiment

20th Canadian Infantry Regiment

Hospital Unit T, Medical Department, National Army