Temple Paul Hardin
March 22, 1894-December 13, 1937
Fort Smith, Arkansas
1st Lieutenant 50th Aero Squadron AEF
(American Expeditionary Forces) WWI

From “The U.S. Air Service in the Great War, 1817-1919,” Page 145

The first observation flights by the 50th Aero Squadron in support of the 82nd "All American" Division went well, but at 11 a.m. Lieutenants Edward Gardiner and Harry Stevens, after making infantry contact with the 82nd, flew into the low clouds and were never seen again. Lieutenant Temple Hardin, while doing the reconnaissance for the 90th "Tough Ombres" Division from Texas and Oklahoma, found himself being used as a target for five Fokker D7s. Hardin's DH4 was riddled with machine-gun bullets, rendered unserviceable, but miraculously Hardin outflew the Germans and returned safely from the mission. Pilots of the 50th Aero Squadron reported that in the sectors where the 82nd and 90th were advancing there were heavy concentrations of enemy Archie.

Courtesy of Joe Wasson.