Arkansas WWI Minutes

The Arkansas World War I Centennial Commemoration Committee and UALR Public Radio KUAR 89.1 FM are producing a series of Arkansas World War I Centennial Minutes for broadcast during the commemoration of the war in 2017 and 2018. The radio spots, which can be accessed below, are also being broadcast onKUAF 91.3 FM in Fayetteville and  KASU 91.9 FM in Jonesboro. The Committee is grateful to our partners in public radio for taking part in the WWI centennial commemoration.

Arkansas WWI Centennial Commemoration Committee (January 2017)

Private DeWees (January 2017)

Arkansas Mines (January 2017)

Submarine Warfare (February 2017)

Kirby's Protest (February 2017)

Digging Trenches (February 2017)

Zimmerman Telegram (March 2017)

Armed Ships Bill (March 2017)

Lieutenant Eberts (March 2017)

War Declared (April 2017)

Arkansas Mobilizes (April 2017)

Neighbor vs. Neighbor (April 2017)

Woman's Committee (April 2017)

Draft Resistance (May 2017)

Fort Roots (May 2017)

Margaret Wilson (May 2017)

Camp Pike (June 2017)

Draft Registration (June 2017)

Liberty Bonds (June 2017)

Red Cross Training (June 2017)

Women's Committee (July 2017)

Fort Roots Closed (July 2017)

A Spirited Performance (July 2017)

Knitting for the Troops (August 2017)

The Guard Mobilizes (August 2017)

A Mistaken Arrest (August 2017)

Americanize the American Woman (September 2017)

A German Editor's Fate (September 2017)

African American Recruits (September 2017)

Liberty Loan Drive (October 2017)

A Senatorial Altercation (October 2017)

Black Officers (October 2017)

First Blood (November 2017)

Eberts Field (November 2017)

Farmers Union (November 2017)

Knitting for the Arkansas (December 2017)

Loyalty Week (December 2017)

Disease at Camp Pike (December 2017)

Fourteen Points (January 2018)

A Dedicated Private (January 2018)

Women Conductors (January 2018)

Doughboy Letters (February 2018)

War Stamps and Suffragists (February 2018)

Fighting Foresters (February 2018)

Registering Women (February 2018)